BioCenter At Southwestern Medical District
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“Ninety-five percent of biotechnology companies are founded on university-based inventions. So, it makes eminent sense to have a development center in immediate proximity to the scientists who are creating new technologies.”

- Dennis Stone, UT Southwestern Vice President for Technology Development


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With an aggressive pro-business environment, Dallas has world-class biomedical research, major health care systems, a thriving investment community, and industry-leading information technology, telecommunications and electronics companies active in biomedical development.

With its state-of-the art facilities, BioCenter is the hub for commercial life-science in the Dallas region.

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Located on UT Southwestern's East Campus, BioCenter is strategically positioned for the biomedical industry to interact with clinical medicine and academic science and technology.

BioCenter is a biomedical commercial campus located in the center of Southwestern Medical District, the home of prestigious hospitals and world-class biomedical research at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.